CAROL SHAW is one of Hollywood's most coveted makeup artists. With a hairstylist father and a manicurist mother, it's safe to say that LORAC creator Carol Shaw was born into the beauty business. As a teenager, a makeover at a Beverly Hills salon (a graduation present from her aunt) changed not only her look, but her life. "I'll never forget how incredible that makeup artist made me feel," says Shaw, who left that day realizing her destiny -- to become a makeup artist.

Through the years, Shaw noticed that most of her clients had the same major grievances about skincare and makeup as she did. They complained that too many products irritated their skin, looked and felt artificial and simply didn't last. Shaw was determined to develop a line of makeup artist–quality cosmetics that met the needs of her celebrity clients. The result? LORAC (Carol spelled backwards)!

“I have always had ultra-sensitive skin -- I battled with acne my whole life. There was not makeup on the market (at that time) that I felt safe and comfortable wearing and that didn't irritate my skin, look artificial or look like Pepto-Bismol."

As a working makeup artist, my inspiration was to create makeup that was especially for sensitive skin and that could be used in every day life, for the red carpet and for fashion photography. Because I was (and am!) a working makeup artist, I was hearing very similar complaints from the celebrities I was working with. Since they were wearing makeup for 15 to 20 hours a day, their skin was getting irritated, their makeup felt heavy and it didn't look like real skin. Their feedback helped me get going and I knew that LORAC was something I had to do for myself, my celebrity clients and for all women.

"The line started with ten bottles of Oil-Free Foundation, four Cover-Ups, three Loose Powders and an Oil-Free Moisturizer. It was all about skin and that's still my philosophy.”

As a brand that puts care before color, but sacrifices neither, LORAC's treatment-based makeup is truly unique. From plant extracts, emollients, skin rejuvenators, and conditioners in the products, to the stuff left out (oil, fragrance, and other harsh ingredients), every LORAC product fulfills Shaw's dream to design makeup that makes you look Hollywood-gorgeous.